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Why Would I Need a Buying Agent?

A good buying agent should save you time, money and stress by being well connected and knowledgeable for your the specific area of interest.

Its key to remember when looking for a new property the estate agent is acting for the seller to achieve the best price on the best terms for them.

Whilst an estate agent will happily register your details and keep you updated on new properties coming to market they are doing this in the interest of promoting the sellers property to as many people as possible to attract the best price.

So, who looks after the buyer?

A buying agent and often referred to as a property finder act exclusively for the buyer. These agents are independent and utilise their network of contacts and knowledge through many years working in the industry to find the best property and achieve the best price matching your requirements.

This means that only the properties that specifically match the client’s needs are considered with due diligence undertaken before sending onto the client for review.

Expectations of a Buying Agent?

1) Save the client time and money

Through their local knowledge and network developed over the years, property finders should be able to focus on specific areas matching your needs. Not only this but from their experience they should be able to achieve the best price possible for the respective property identified.

2) Local Up To Date Property Knowledge

Its not just the property its also the surrounding area. A good buying agent should be able to advise not just on the property but also other factors contributing to the property value such as any nearby infrastructure / development plans, changes to local schools which maybe improving and much more.

3) Transparency

We appreciate every case is custom so a buying agent should be transparent on costs and likely timescale to find and secure a property for you. A buying agent costs should be fixed and timescales accurate in line with current market conditions.

4) Flexibility

Buying agents are there to work for you. Whilst our primary goal is to secure the property of your dreams, they often assist throughout the acquisition process to ensure as smooth and stress free process as possible.

Buying a property is one of the biggest financial decisions in your life, so having a professional to source and guide you through the buying process is invaluable.

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