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15 Sentences That Will Confuse Anyone Moving to Manchester

Unlock the Mancunian Code! Brace yourself for a whole new world of phrases and expressions that might leave you utterly bewildered. In this blog, we’ll decode the unique linguistic landscape of Manchester, from friendly greetings to local foodie lingo and the all-important football rivalry. Whether you’re “buzzin'” for a night out or trying to navigate the nuances of Mancunian conversation, we’ve got you covered with 15 sentences that will have you saying, “Eh, what’s that all about?”

“Alright, our kid?” – Hello, person I know.

“She’s a top lass.” – I like her; she is fun to spend time with.

“I’ve got to go up north.” – I’m visiting Newcastle, Durham, Scotland, or the North Pole.

“I’ve got to go down south.” – I’m going to London, and I probably won’t like it.

“It’s well nice out today.” – The rain has abated slightly.

“I’m just going to have me dinner.” – It’s time to eat my lunch.

“What you having for tea?” – What are you having for dinner.

“Fancy a chippy tea?” – Do you want to go to the chip shop and get chips smothered in gravy  and a pie?

“Make us a brew.” – I’d like a cup of tea, please.

“We’re just having a few beers round mine.” – We will be out all night and you will regret it bitterly in the morning.

“I’m doing Dry January.” – I’m telling people that I’m not drinking but you can quite easily convince me to stop this madness if you buy me a drink.

“I’m buzzin’ for tonight.” – I’m really excited about this evening’s festivities.

“Wanna grab a jar?” – Would you like to drink with me?

“What did they cut your hair with, a knife and fork?” You have a rather poor haircut.

“City or United?” – Be careful how you answer this, because I will judge whatever you say.

Remember that language is just one part of the vibrant culture you’ll discover in this iconic city. While these sentences might seem puzzling at first, they’re all part of what makes Manchester such a unique and welcoming place. So, embrace the local lingo, enjoy a “chippy tea,” and get ready to immerse yourself in the heart and soul of this remarkable city. Welcome to Manchester, and may your journey be filled with many wonderful “bloomin’ ace” moments!

And if you ever find yourself in a linguistic labyrinth, wondering which way is up or down, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Dream Move!

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