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The Future of Property Finding

Since the continued pandemic, some property finders are adapting their services to offer a more virtual experience along with their existing service range. This looks set to continue due to travel complications for potential investors to come to the UK as well as the development in technology allowing this.

At Dream Move, a virtual service has been implemented for those moving to the UK for a new job or investors interested in the UK Property Market. This virtual experience allows the client increased time efficiency whilst improving peace of mind that they can see potential properties of interest from the luxury of their own home.

So in brief, how does this work?

Initial Video Conferencing Consultation

Arranged via Zoom the consultant is able to hold a detailed conversation into the property requirements of the client to correlate with the initial requirements received.

Properties are shared on the call to provide a visual in which the pros and cons of the respective property are discussed to provide a detailed picture to the consultant of the clients wishes.

Detailed Area Reports & Live Video Tours

Following the consultation in which potential areas to consider are discussed more detailed area reports are sent to the client. These reports cover the important fundamentals such as schooling, safety, infrastructure, transport facilities and plenty more.

Upon identifying properties of interest, live video tours of these properties are conducted and sent to the client along with room measurements.

Online Document Signatures along with Electronic Offer Submission

Upon selection of a property, the required administrative paperwork can now all be completed online in preparation of arrival for the client. In the case of Right to Rent checks if renting this can be completed via a video call.

Surveyor reports, Finance and Conveyancing is all completed online and sent for signatures

Upon acceptance of the offer, the respective inspections are completed and sent to the client for review. This ranges from surveyors inspections on the property and the mortgage adviser arranging finance to the conveyancing paperwork required to make the purchase legal.

Final In Person Walk-through

On completion of the above and subject to no price renegotiation’s following the surveyors report a move date is agreed. On this day, our consultant will be there to meet you in person and show you around the house as well as provide a tour of the area. Time wise from finding a property to moving in takes approximately 10 – 12 weeks although delays are common and can often result in the purchase being in excess of 14+ weeks.

To find out more about the range of property services Dream Move offer, you can contact us using the below details.

+44 (0) 161 282 5558 or

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