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Our Top 5 Locations to live in Chester

Chester it is situated 10 miles south of Liverpool on the Welsh border. There are approximately 120,000 people living in Chester and close to 350,000 within the Cheshire region.

If you are lucky enough to be relocating to Chester we have outlined some of our favourite areas to live in this glorious historic English City.

1, Hoole

Located just 10 minutes walking out of the city walls, Hoole has recently transformed into the gentrified gem many strive to match. A fantastic little high street with butchers, fish mongers, coffee shops and more. This idyllic mini suburb of Chester gives you access to all the best bits of Chester on foot. Ideal also for families wanting good schooling and shopping within minutes.

Cost of living here is expensive, some of the new build 3 beds are I excess of £400k! however smaller terraces are in abundant supply at much cheaper rates. If you are looking to rent the rates are slightly more achievable, with more houses than apartments on offer.

2, Upton

If you are looking for something a bit further out of the city in a quieter location, but with easy access to supermarkets and schooling, Upton is a popular location. With some excellent views and lager housing, this could be a great option for families looking for a long term move. Transport options are vast, 15 min Bus into Chester and good access to the M56 to get out to the work place without hitting too much rush-hour traffic.

Fairly priced housing for purchase and renting make Upton a very good allrounder for the more discerning relocator.

3, City Centre

Chester City is unique in many ways, so much History, great architecture, many shops, canal side pubs, restaurants, the Race Course! Not to even mention to world famous Cathedral. With all this available on your door step; DreamMove think it’s one of the best places to live in the UK.

Cost of an apartment in the city can be expensive, however there are many bargains that are literally just outside the city walls along the canals. Furthermore the renting costs are echoed, if you are on a budget then you are able to find good deals. On the other spectrum; if you like luxury Chester has some fabulous older and newer builds that epitomize opulence overlooking the River Dee or the Race Course.

4, Handbridge

Handbridge is a very popular district of Chester for many people to move. Excellent schooling and brilliant transport links into the City, this is a fantastic location for an international family that have ability to pay a little extra for a guaranteed happiness!

In the north of Hand bridge you have access to Queens Bridge to gain access to the City with ease (You must take this walk, its breathtaking on the clear day!) and parks to walk the dog and tire out the kids.

Housing is very expensive in Handbridge for all the good reasons above. Many of the housing is large and detached, so if you do spot a smaller house for a good deal be sure to snap it up quick!


Tarvin is furthest away out of the city of all our favorites, situated 5 miles east of Chester City. A village with a small population of 5k, this quaint location is better suited to people looking for a more rural quieter life. Perhaps you have dogs and want access to longer walks, or prefer smaller more community based schools.

With a small selection restaurant’s pubs and a fish and chip shop! what more could you want? The very lovely high street will surely twist your arm if you go and take a visit.

Housing is mixed priced and in short supply so you could be waiting a while for your dream house in Tarvin, but it would be worth the wait!

These are just some of our favourite areas, there are plenty more to choose from!

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