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Moving to Salford – The guide of all guides

Below is a general introduction to Salford life and the areas to consider before relocating. The essential areas such as property, schooling, infrastructure and social community are all detailed for you to review.

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If you are relocating to Salford, then the city offers a great variation in areas to live. With neighbouring Manchester on Salford’s doorstep it is often overlooked yet with the move of MediaCityUK and Salford University the City is resurgent. When compared to Manchester the property is more competitively priced and with good transport routes make Salford a city to consider. With a diverse mix of suburbs and a population of approximately quarter of a millions within the Salford region. The City itself is well known for the redevelopment of MediaCityUK in the Salford Quays areas as well as home to one of the largest football team in the world Manchester United.

In terms of employment, Salford has become known for its creative and digital businesses with the continued success of MediaCityUK. On top of this there is a lot of redevelopment currently ongoing with in key areas and industries to revitalise the City out of Manchester’s shadow.

As for moving to Salford the City is a current hotspot for both first time homeowners and investors due to the possible returns on offer. If you are moving to Salford, the property prices differ dependent on your preferred location but generally speaking they are a lot more competitive than Manchester. Salford has improved massively over the last ten years and continues to do so which will ensure your relocation to Salford is pleasant within specific areas.


The Salford property market is less than that of Manchester with an average 3-bedroom house being approximately £155,000. If you prefer to rent, then it will be approximately £850 – £900 per month for a 2-bedroom property and £1000 and up per month for a 3-bedroom property.

In terms of the properties, these are largely made up of red brick terraced and semi-detached housing built between the 1930s to 1950s. However, Salford Quays which is perhaps the most popular area to live has a range of modern developments with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Quays. As for the City itself, there is a huge amount of redevelopment with new properties close to Salford and Manchester City Centre as well as modernised housing in the suburbs. The properties themselves are currently attracting a lot of investment with prices rising by almost double the national average in 2016 which has continued into 2017.

Suburbs of Monton and Worsley are particularly popular for both working professionals and families. For those who prefer the apartment lifestyle then Salford Quays and the Chapel Street area which borders Manchester are popular. Developments. When it comes on deciding where to live the apartments on offer are 1 and 2 bedrooms which tend to attract working professionals and students.

Schools & Education

Salford has a varied selection of both state and independent schools as well as a small selection of private education. It is worthwhile to bear in mind that some of the popular schools can be full so you may not always get your first schooling option if going through the state system. Some of the high ranking primary schools within the Salford area are Ellenbrook and St Gilberts. As for secondary schools then Bridgewater is a great private school and St Ambrose and Barlow and St Patricks RC are both good state schools.

Salford University has a very good reputation which is particularly attractive to international students. It offers a great selection of both undergraduate and Postgraduate courses with a particular focus on the Arts and Media.

Transport & Infrastructure

With Salford being so close to Manchester it has all the transport benefits that Manchester offers. The City is well connected locally and nationally via road, tram and rail networks throughout the North West. There is also a canal boat called a Waxi which is more of a tourist attraction but links the Castlefield area of Manchester to Old Trafford and Salford Quays.

In terms of international travel Manchester airport flies to over 200 destinations with direct flights to Europe and all major cities to the East and West.

Community Feel

Salford is well known for its sports and music scene as well as more recently the cluster of media and digital companies based in MediaCityUK. Sometimes overlooked due to its proximity to Manchester, the people are friendly and a selection of their towns and villages are beautiful areas to live. Throughout the region there are a great selection of properties to cater for all price ranges.

Business in Salford Quays

With its location in the UK and close proximity to Manchester there are numerous large businesses based here. With international media companies such as the BBC and ITV having large operations in MediaCityUK it is easy to understand why many digital and media companies are attracted here.


Salford is a good area to relocate when taking into account the essentials of housing, schools and employers within the area. With a diverse mix of sport and media, reasonably priced property and the advantage of being close to Manchester also helps in deciding whether to relocate to Salford or not.

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