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Moving to Liverpool: The guide of all guides

This article is a  general introduction to Liverpool & Merseyside lif. The areas to consider before relocating, and the essential areas such as property, schooling, infrastructure and social community are all detailed here.

If you are relocating to Liverpool, then the people will be sure to welcome you as it is one of the friendliest Cities in the UK. If you add the reasonably priced property, modern City and the positive job prospects then these are all areas to ensure your relocation to Liverpool is a pleasant one. With approximately half a million people living in Liverpool and close to 1.5 million within the Merseyside region it is situated by The Irish Sea.

The City itself is famous for its music (The Beatles), its sports (Liverpool & Everton) as well as the beautiful heritage sites such as The Albert Dock. In terms of employment, there are good job prospects and a skilled workforce with three Universities based in the City as well as nearby specialist colleges.

As for moving to Liverpool, property prices to the City Centre and the rest of Merseyside are less than that of Manchester for both buying and renting. If you are moving to Liverpool there is a good property selection, good schools, friendly locals and a beautiful City too.

Property in Liverpool​​

The Liverpool property market is more cost effective when compared to nearby Manchester and Cheshire with an average 3-bedroom house being approximately £180,000. However, if you prefer to rent then it will be approximately £750 – £800 per month for a standard 2-bedroom property and £950 – £1000 for a 3-bedroom property.

As for moving to Liverpool there are developments situated around the City with the more popular apartments being close to the Albert Dock. As for the Merseyside region there are plenty of nice villages and towns to suit dependent on your requirements. 

When it comes on deciding where to live the City Centre is popular with working professionals and students. As for those wishing to live outside the City, it tends to be predominantly red brick housing within the respective towns and villages. These are often popular with families due to the property sizes, good schooling and outdoor activities available. In terms of popular areas Aigburth, Woolton and Crosby are all popular for those living or relocating to the Merseyside area.

Schools & Education 

Liverpool has a great selection of both state schools as well as independent and private schools. In terms of the City Centre, there are only a small selection of schools with the majority of primary and secondary schools being based within the suburban areas. If attending state school, then the school your children attend will be determined by your property choice. The schooling system in the UK operate a catchment area where there is a hypothetical circle on a map drawn around the school and if your property is within this catchment area then you are more likely to be accepted.

Some of the high ranking schools within the Liverpool area are The Blue Coat School in Wavertree and the King David High School in Childwall. If you prefer private schooling, then Merchant Taylors School in Crosby and the Belvedere Preparatory School near Aigburth are both well respected too. 

As for the Universities, they have a good reputation with the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moore’s both scoring well in the rankings. The University is well regarded and is within the top 40 Universities in the UK. The University of Liverpool is well known for its teaching courses in medicine whereas Liverpool John Moore’s is regarded as a good university for teaching.

Infrastructure & Connectivity

Liverpool and the Merseyside region is well connected locally and nationally with nearby motorways and train stations connecting you to the rest of the UK. In terms of international travel Liverpool John Lennon Airport connects to the majority of European Cities and



Manchester Airport is only 50 minutes away which connects you with the world. As for the locally, the Liverpool region has a good rail system which is linked to the towns throughout Merseyside.

Community Feel 

Liverpool is well known for its history and culture and the friendliness of the people are what many enjoy when moving to Liverpool. The locals are proud of their friendly attitude and you will be sure to meet people quickly when relocating to Liverpool. In the summer months the Albert Dock area is particularly beautiful and attracts many tourists from around the world pulling in on their cruise liners. For shopping Liverpool One is very popular and if you wish to go further afield then Sefton Park and Crosby Beach are both stunning too.

Business in Liverpool

With its location on the Irish Sea and skilled workers through the Universities Liverpool has attracted both national and multinational businesses to the area. With national companies such as The RSA as well as global companies such as Jaguar Land Rover, Maersk and The Bibby Line Group all having large operations here.


Liverpool and the Merseyside region is a great area to relocate. With a beautiful Centre, the iconic Albert Dock, reasonably priced property and good schools it is easy to understand why many relocate to Liverpool.

For further information relating to useful tips and tools to make relocating less stressful, please feel to contact via email at or call +44 (0)161 282 5558.

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