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Moving to Leeds – The guide of all guides

Below is a general introduction to life and the areas to consider before relocating to Leeds. The essential areas such as property, schooling, transport and social community are all detailed in brief for you to review.

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Leeds is a beautiful City in the heart of Yorkshire and is the second largest City within the region. With amazing entertainment in the City Centre, great local towns and the great outdoors on your doorstep (Yorkshire Dales) there is something to suit everyone relocating. There are close to 1 million people living in Leeds and close to 2.2 million people within the West Yorkshire region. The City itself has some of the most unique history and culture in the UK with beautiful arcades and the stunning Corn Exchange in the City. In terms of education there is a great range of schooling and two Universities based to the North of the City. As for employment, there are a lot of businesses based in Leeds with some specialist sectors resulting in many skilled workers relocating to Leeds.

As for living in Leeds, property prices in the area are similar to that of other neighbouring Cities for both buying and renting. However, if you look at the City Centre, rental prices would be cheaper than nearby Manchester but more expensive than neighbouring Sheffield. If you choose to relocate to Leeds the area offers good housing, property and schools as well as a beautiful City too.


Property in Leeds 

The Leeds property market is slightly more expensive when compared to nearby Manchester with an average semi-detached house being approximately £193,000. However, if you prefer to rent then for a good standard furnished apartment in the City Centre it will be £725 – £775 per month for a 1 bedroom property and £900 – £1000 for a 2 bedroom property. If you prefer the suburbs then a good standard family home will be in the region of £1000 upwards within the desirable suburbs of Leeds.

Leeds city centre is a comfortable size for walking around but big enough to ensure there is everything you require. It allows for a good selection of property all within ten to fifteen minutes’ walk of the main shopping and entertainment hubs. Some of the popular residential developments include the areas of Granary and Brewery Wharf as well as the Clarence Dock area. The apartments are mainly one and two bedroom apartments and there will be additional bills on top of the rental such as your council tax and utilities.


As for those wishing to live outside the City, it is mainly houses with some apartment options in the more popular suburbs. The housing style tends to be older with the majority of properties in the suburbs of Leeds being over 30 years old.  As for rental pricing this can vary depending on the popularity of the suburb and what each of these offer. In terms of popular areas Chapel Allerton, Roundhay, Otley and Horsforth are all popular for those relocating to Leeds.

Schools & Education 

Leeds has a good selection of primary and secondary education for both state and private schools. There are numerous state schools within Leeds all of which are judged by an independent governing body (OFSTED) on their quality. If you wish to live in the City, then the nearest schools are based around the City in areas such as Headingley. As for the suburbs, there are a range of primary and secondary schools based on your requirements and further information on Leeds schools can be found on the link provided.

Some of the high ranking primary schools within Leeds are St Urbans, Beecroft and Alwoodley to the North of Leeds all which were rated as Outstanding. As for secondary schools both Roundhay and Allerton High are judged outstanding state schools whereas Prince Henrys has a great reputation as a Grammar school. If private is preferred to state schooling, it would be worthwhile to contact the preferred school to check costs as these vary dependent on the age of your child and school.

​​As for higher education in Leeds, the University of Leeds is ranked within the top 15 in the UK. The University offers a range of courses with the University being based to the North of Leeds in the areas of Headingley and Hyde Park. 

In addition to this there is Leeds Trinity University which specialise in education, social sciences and communication courses.

Infrastructure & Connectivity

Leeds is well connected locally and nationally with nearby motorways and trains regularly connecting you to rest of the UK. Cities such as Manchester and Sheffield are both within an hour and other main cities such as London and Birmingham just over two hours by train. As for the suburbs of Leeds these are well connected via the bus services if you wish not to drive.

In terms of international travel, you have Leeds Bradford Airport which is 30 minute’s drive North West of the City and  Manchester Airport just over one hour away.  Leeds Bradford flies to the majority of European destinations whereas Manchester airport flies to most major cities.


Community Feel 

Leeds is known for its Yorkshire charm and strong but pleasant accent with the locals being friendly and welcoming. Entertainment wise, Leeds Trinity shopping centre is housed under an iconic glass roof in the heart of the city. Covering three floors and open seven days a week you can shop until late before going onto enjoy dinner and a drink at numerous bars and restaurants late into the night.

If you prefer the outdoors, then you have the gorgeous Roundhay and Hyde Park to the North of the City both of which have children’s activities. As for going further afield, you have the stunning Yorkshire Dales and The Peak District which are approximately one hour drive.

Businesses in Leeds

Leeds has attracted a whole host of businesses to the region due to its location, transport network and access to skilled employees from the Universities. National companies such as Yorkshire Bank and Sky are based here as well as global companies such as Asda Walmart have based their UK operations here.


Leeds is a pleasant City to both live and work which offers something for everyone. With good property and school options as well as a host of social activities for individuals and families its easy to understand why many are relocating to Leeds.

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