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Lockdown Changed Your Mind on Where to Move Next? Manchester City Centre

2020 has made millions of people reconsiders their living situation.

All of us now know how making a choice on a place to live has a major impact on your lifestyle both socially and internally. Suburbs or City Centre; the decision will undoubtedly shape or even change your future.

Outlined below is a brief comparison on some of the factors you may want to consider when making that big decision…

City Centre (Downtown)​

Lets first dive into the reasons why you would want to live in the City!

Social multi-cultural atmosphere

Manchester is a melting pot for internationals, the universities have injected a young vibrant culture into the city that seems to pick you up and take you along for the ride. From Malaysian restaurants to alternative shopping centres- there is something for everyone.

The ‘Mancunian’ temperament is surprisingly one of the warmest in the UK; nothing is too much effort and they’re always keen for some light-hearted banter with a stranger – Especially when it comes to football chit-chat.

And if its smart or casual you desire; the choice for bar/ pub has never been so good! We won’t bore you with recommendations, you have trip advisor for that.

In summary feeling at home in the City Centre is easy to grasp socially and logistically. To help there are also great websites such as Meetup or Internations.



Transport in the City and Greater Manchester is fantastic, served by a well-run interconnected Tram, Rail and Bus routes, getting places is a piece of cake. There are three main trains station in the city, Piccadilly, Oxford Road and Victoria tempting you with quick links to other major cities in the UK.

If its international transport that is required Manchester Airport to the South of the City is the 3rd largest in the country; with direct routes throughout Europe, North America and Asia.

One of the most convenient treasures of Manchester City Centre is you can WALK EVERYWHERE; the circumference of the centre is only just over 1 mile so everything can be reached by foot. Alternatively, if you’re not feeling too energetic then you also have the free bus system that runs throughout the City Centre.


There is no lack of diversity when it comes to things to do in the city. Museums are abundant and the architecture of the historical buildings are enough to blow the socks off the most travelled connoisseur.

If it’s more indulgent fun you are looking for, there are more bars and restaurants in Manchester to keep up with. They are plentiful but reasonable in price and if you are a savvy diner, there are offers on dining throughout the year. Keeping ahead of its peers when it comes to fresh ideas, Manchester has some of the most stimulating dining experiences.

It goes without saying there are two fantastically successful football clubs that the city is absorbed by, which pumps excitement into the city at least twice a week. A great tourist attraction but also anyone can become an adopted fan of the red or blues.

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