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Coping with Homesickness: The challenges of adjusting to a new country

Moving away from home, whether it’s for work or study, can be exciting and liberating. However, it can also be challenging, and it’s not uncommon to feel homesick from time to time. Below we have provided some advice on how to reduce this.

Stay in Touch with friends and family

One of the most important things you can do to cope with homesickness is to stay in touch with loved ones. It’s easier than ever to stay connected with family and friends, no matter where you are. Schedule regular calls and technology such as WhatsApp, WeChat and Face time are great to share updates on your new life.

Build a Support Network

Another way to cope with homesickness is to build a support network in your new environment. Local clubs or organisations that interest you, attend social events, and make an effort to meet new people. Developing this support system will help you feel less alone and provide a sense of belonging.

Embrace Your New Environment

One of the best ways to combat homesickness is to both embrace and explore your new environment. Speaking to locals, walks and/ or bike rides to explore your new neighbourhood are all great options. Even 10 minutes of walking has been shown to increase mental alertness, energy, and mood.

Establish a Routine

Establishing a routine can also help. A daily or weekly schedule, including work or study hours, exercise, and leisure activities provide a structure to your week. Having this routine will give you a sense of purpose, and help you feel more in control of your new life.

Take Care of Yourself

Finally, it’s important to take care of yourself which includes getting enough sleep, eating well, and exercising regularly. Your physical and emotional health will help you feel more resilient and more proactive to cope with the challenges of adjusting to a new environment.

It’s both normal and understandable to feel homesick when moving to a new country. By following the above steps, there will still be times you feel an element of homesickness but the above will be a huge help in reducing this.

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