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Cheap and Quick Ways to Prepare Your Home for Staging

When you’re trying to sell a home, there’s always a weird transition period in between listing the house on the market and moving out after the actual sale. During this period of time, you’re still living in the house on a daily basis while also making preparations to make the home more appealing to interested buyers.

Staging your home for open houses and photos is an important component of this process and one that requires a lot of organization, cleaning, and decluttering. After all, it’s difficult to attract buyers with a messy home. Here are some ideas from Dream Move Relocation on cheap and quick ways to prepare your home for staging.

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Declutter all odds-and-ends you’ve collected over the years.

Homes can easily become cluttered with hundreds of random objects over time. It’s normal after a number of years for items to add up to the point of pure disorganization and overflow. Past a certain point, many homeowners don’t have a vested interest in keeping their homes completely organized. However, all of this changes when it comes to staging a home.

One of the quickest and affordable ways to make your home more presentable is to sift through every room and get rid of any items that you don’t want or need. This will free up a tremendous amount of space in your home, make it easier to organize the remaining items, and make the home look cleaner for staging purposes. In addition, this decluttering effort will make it easier to move when you sell your home.

Get larger items out of the way for a more open feel.

When attending an open house or looking at pictures of homes, every potential buyer will want to feel a sense of openness. This can create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere that could encourage interested homebuyers to truly consider making an offer on your home. If you were to show your home in its normal condition, it could feel cramped and crowded.

The simplest and most effective method for making your home feel more open is by getting large items out of the way. Any extra bookcases, end tables, or other pieces of furniture that take up too much room should be placed in storage while staging a home. If you have a large television, you should consider mounting it on a wall to free up the surrounding area. Since this process is pretty involved, you should hire a professional for a small investment. And who knows? The buyer may ask for the TV in their offer, making this a worthwhile investment.

Getting rid of or hiding larger items extends to the yard as well. If you have lawncare equipment in the backyard, stash them in your shed or garage. And if you have vehicles parked in your backyard, you may need to find ways to obscure them. For example, if your beloved motorcycle resides in your yard, purchase a stylish and durable motorcycle cover to keep it from giving prospective buyers a bad impression of your yard’s potential.

Depersonalize your home for interested buyers.

When people view your home during an open house or in photos, they will be trying to imagine the house as their own. As a seller, you want to make it as easy as possible for potential buyers to see themselves living comfortably in your current home. This is a critical step in the selling process. If an interested buyer can’t picture living in your home, then they aren’t going to make an offer.

In order to accomplish this goal, you need to depersonalize your home for photos and open houses. Make sure to hide all family photos and other personalized items by storing them in containers. You want to find a balance between having an inviting atmosphere and keeping everything neutral enough to allow interested buyers to imagine their future in the home.

Staging your home is a crucial step in the process of selling your home. Whether you’re preparing for an open house or taking photos to post online, you’ll want everything to look perfect. With the right strategies, you can stage your home without wasting too much energy or money.

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