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Best Property Search Tools 2020

Finding the most efficient tool when searching for property is key to being successful in your search. Depending on your experience and needs there a few choices to pick from…

A very large proportion of Landlords in the UK use Estate Agencies to Rent or Sell their properties. Agents then advertise these properties through a number different online portals for us hopefully come across after specifying what your criteria is.

There are many options to choose from online when searching for property, but there are 4 market leaders. Rightmove, Zoopla, On The Market and Prime Location.

Using these website to their best potential is sometimes not so easy, so if you do require more in depth assistance; Dreammove are here to help.

1, Rightmove

Certainly the market leader in the UK for listings, by far listing largest range of properties and supplies a number of online tools to assist with finding schools nearby.

2, Zoopla

Boasting a huge amount of detail when buying or renting. Providing historical data and future projections. Bills and council tax are displayed helpfully for the user.

3, On the Market

The most user-friendly property searching tool, everything is clearly displayed and easy to understand, however tend to find most properties are already listed on other competitors websites.

4 Prime Location

Excellent website with extensive information provided along with a huge inventory of listings.

The Future

2020 will be a interesting year, technology changing and the way we buy and sell homes. It will be perhaps more online estate agents that take the edge with new innovative ideas and we may find the largest companies introducing new technologies to view buy and make offers.

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