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2020 Top 10 tips to avoid surprises when Relocating

So, your relocating to the UK or maybe you already live here and just need some guidance?

Everybody needs to know the basics, so check out a few of our hand picked tips that you may find useful, before you go out house hunting…

1. Properties are smaller on average compared to other nations throughout the world.

2. Basements in the UK are a rarity so many people use their garage as an additional storage facility.

3. It is the responsibility of you, the tenant, to pay an annual council tax which varies in price dependent on the size and value and location of the property.

4. A monthly average cost for your utility bills (gas, water & electricity) for a 3 bedroom house is likely to be in the region of £100 – £150 per calendar month. But obviously depends on how much you use!

5. When renting a property, a deposit is required which is usually the equivalent of 5 Weeks Rent

6. There are no Administration fees as of June 2019 – so not hidden charges are allowed!

7. An EPC Rating on properties provides information on the energy efficiency of a property which can impact the amount you spend on utilities.

8. We love bins. Whether it’s blue, purple or brown, every district has its own colour scheme for recycling.

9. Strange but true. Our washing machines are often stored in the kitchen and are usually a combined washer / dryer, so look out for that.

10. If it’s cheap, there is probably a good reason. Check for local crime rates and research the area thoroughly.

If you do require more in depth assistance; click Dreammove; we are here to help.

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