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2020 Manchester City Crane Survey

Every year Deloitte release their survey of Manchester City Centre construction activity.

2020 report has been released and there is no exception to the ongoing upward trend in recent years.

Here are some fascinating facts Deloitte has kindly provided us with…

· 12,257 residential units currently under construction

· 3,619 residential units completed in 19-20, that’s almost as high as the boom in 2006

· 40% of office construction in already pre-let!

· New office space completed 427,410 sq ft

· 390,500 sq ft of retail and leisure being constructed

· New office developments will provide 15,500 new jobs, adding 309m in wages!

What a fantastic outlook in Manchester for years to come, it really shows their strength during such a turbulent few years with Brexit.

If you are one of those companies relocating or setting up in Manchester, DreamMove Relocation can assist with numerous services:

• Area orientation tours

• Temporary corporate accommodation

• Home-searching assistance

• Settling in services

• Cross cultural awareness programmes

• Property sale management services

• Cost disparity reporting

Having a properly managed relocation makes the whole process of moving less stressful and more pleasant. A family that feels safe and comfortable in a location are a lot more likely to stay long term, which is good all round for the employer and employees.

Check out the link below for more indepth information from deloitte.

If you do require in depth assistance with employee housing; click Dreammove; we are here to help.

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