property finding

This service allows those relocating to find a suitable home matching your requirements and budget advised.

Our dedicated consultants provide the guidance and expertise in the UK property market to ensure you are selecting the right area and the right home at the right price.

The service includes:

Concierge Services

We appreciate its not just the property but everything that comes with arranging your new life in the UK.
With this in mind, our consultants have the contacts and expertise to assist in any / all of the following.
The above are just some of the areas we assist with but understand there are plenty more, which we are always happy to advise on.

Short Term Requirements

The perfect solution for those with regular but changeable short-term requirements. Often ideal for those on short term assignments or those new to the country who have not yet found their more permanent property.
Offering flexibility and cost control this service includes:
Further Relocation Services
Our independent ownership and local approach ensure we can be as focused to all your requirements.
Areas such as immigration, pet transport, furniture shipments, spousal support and further educational assistance are all areas we can assist with.

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